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The Torsional Strengthening of Concrete Girders Using the NSM FRP Technique with Different Configurations
The near-surface mounted (NSM) FRP technique has received attention worldwide over the externally bonded FRP strengthening technique. Strengthening of a concrete girders using fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) composites to flexural and shear…
Strength Enhancement of Fire-damaged RC Circular Bridge Columns using CFRP Fabrics
In recent years the circumferential wrapping with externally-bonded carbon fibre-reinforced polymer (CFRP) composites has proven to be a promising method for strengthening concrete structures. This is particularly valuable when repairing concrete…
Monash Freeway Bridge Strengthening Project: Constructability of Carbon Fibre Rods Under Constrained Traffic and Environmental Conditions
Strict environmental requirements and the standard specification and procedure for installing carbon fibre bridge strengthening system have naturally led to the works being undertaken during warmer months and on sections of the bridge that have been…
The Development of FRP Strengthening on the Victorian Road Network over the Last 17 Years
The global use of FRP (Fibre Reinforced Polymer) strengthening systems for bridge infrastructure has increased over the last 40 years, typically in North America, Europe and Japan. After a slow beginning, its
Investigation the Influence of FRP Application Performance on Fatigue Life Behavior of CFRP Laminates Bonded to Concrete Block
In this paper, two methods of FRP applications were carried out to study the fatigue life performance of CFRP laminates bonded to RC concrete block, by mean of investigating the influence of bond behavior application under cyclic loadings.
Incorporating ACI 440.8 into AS 5100.5 for FRP Strengthening Via M80 Upgrade Project Case Study
As bridges age and standards evolve, it has become increasingly necessary to strengthen existing bridges as a much cheaper option than replacing bridges as a whole.
Namoi Floodplain Viaduct: Design of a 1 Km Rail Viaduct in a Remote Area for a 35-Year Design Life
The Boggabri Maules Creek Rail project will connect the existing Werris Creek to Mugindi railway line to the existing Boggabri Coal Mine and the new Maules Creek Coal Mine.The railway line will provide Boggabri Coal Mine with improved logistics,…
An Overview of FRP Composites for Strengthening Bridges in Victoria
Fibre reinforced polymer (FRP) composites are commonly used in the aerospace and marine industries. Due to their inherent advantages, FRP composites are increasingly making their way into civil engineering applications. In the field of bridge…
Strengthening of the West Gate Bridge Concrete Viaducts
The 2.5km long West Gate Bridge comprises an eastern and western concrete approach viaduct, 871m and 670m respectively in length either side of the 850 m long cable stayed steel box girder main span section. The key objective with the West Gate…
FRP Strengthening of the West Gate Bridge Concrete Viaducts
At 2582.6 m in length, Melbourne's West Gate Bridge is the second longest bridge in Australia. Completed in 1978, the bridge comprises a cable-stayed steel box girder, with two end concrete sections of similar design. Due to Melbourne’s…