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Road Crash Injuries: Cost and Prevention
This in-depth crash investigation study was conducted to provide information about the causes and costs of a sample of serious (hospitalised) injury crashes in NSW.
Social Costs of Road Crashes in Australia: The Case for Willingness-to-pay Values for Road Safety
This report provides a broad indication of the methodology, project components, expertise available and indicative costs required to produce a robust national willingness to pay (WTP) estimate of the social cost of Australian road crashes.
Evaluation of the Potential Safety Benefits of Collision Avoidance Technologies Through Vehicle to Vehicle Dedicated Short Range Communications (DSRC) in Australia
For years, improvements in driver behaviour, vehicle safety and road infrastructure have made the road network much safer. As roads become safer, many economic benefits are achieved for society, both direct and indirect. In the past, the primary…
Component Costs in Transport Projects to Ensure the Appropriate Valuing of Safety Effects
Austroads commissioned ARRB to consider the current costing procedures used in determining the relative cost share of safety in project evaluation. Australia currently uses a human capital approach to the valuation of crash costs, while many other…