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Australia and New Zealand Vehicle Registration and Driver Licensing Overview 2017-18: A Transnational Survey of Laws, Procedures and Trends
This overview includes: an outline of the road safety imperative in Australia and New Zealand; a description of the key practices associated with the vehicle and driver licence pathways in the eight Australian jurisdictions and New Zealand; and a…
Review of the National Heavy Vehicle Driver Competency Framework
This report reviews the National Heavy Vehicle Driver Competency Framework and its adoption or otherwise by states and territories.
Assessing Fitness to Drive 2016 (as amended up to August 2017)
Assessing Fitness to Drive, a joint publication of Austroads and the National Transport Commission (NTC), details the medical standards for driver licensing for use by health professionals and driver licensing authorities. The primary purpose of…
Options to Extend Coverage of Alcohol Interlock Programs
Despite high levels of community education and sustained enforcement, alcohol-related crashes and drink-driving offences continue to pose a threat to road safety.
Summary of Literature of the Effective Components of Graduated Driver Licensing Systems
This report provides the results of a review of literature examining the effectiveness of different components of graduated driver licensing (GDL).
A Discussion Paper on Elements of Graduated Licensing Systems for Motorcycle Riders
This report summarises an international review of effective motorcycle rider licensing systems and interventions. It details elements of best practice for motorcycle graduated licensing based on novice motorcycle risk patterns and practice from…
Developing Measures to Reduce Unlicensed Driving
This report considers countermeasures to reduce the incidence of unlicensed driving on Australian roads.
Older Driver Model Assessment Program: Stage 4 - Vaildation of Screening Tests to Assess At-Risk Older Drivers
Older drivers are over represented in serious injury and fatal crash rates based on distance travelled. While their physical frailty is a contributing factor, ageing may also result in unacceptably diminished driving skills for a minority of older…
Trial of a Model Licence Re-Assessment Procedure for Older Drivers: Stage 3 Research
There is a widespread claim that older drivers are over-represented in crashes, particularly when crash figures are adjusted for distance travelled. There are numerous reasons suggested for this increased risk, including the increased frailty…
Model Licence Re-Assessment Procedure for Older Drivers: Stage 2 Research
Stage 1 research for Austroads lead to the development of a model licence re-assessment procedure for use in licensing authorities in Australasia. Stage 2 research set out to undertake a pilot trial of the procedure in an Australian jurisdiction and…