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Webinar: Safety Benefits of Cooperative ITS and Automated Driving in Australia and New Zealand
This webinar, presented on 23 October 2017, provides an overview of the findings of an Austroads research report into the safety benefits of Cooperative ITS and Automated Driving in Australia and New Zealand. The webinar was presented by Chris Jones…
Safety Benefits of Cooperative ITS and Automated Driving in Australia and New Zealand
Two rapidly developing technology areas, Cooperative Intelligent transport systems (C-ITS) and Automated Driving (AD) applications, are reputed to have a substantial impact on road trauma through the increased use of technology both to assist…
Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) for Cooperative Intelligent Transport System (C-ITS) data messages
This document provides a high level Privacy Impact Assessment forthe Cooperative Intelligent Transport System (C-ITS) data messagingsystem.
ITS Strategic Directions: A roadmap of ITS activities in Australia and New Zealand
The ITS roadmap establishes a shared vision of ITS activities to achieve the effective development and deployment of ITS in Australia and New Zealand. Developed collaboratively by road agencies and ITS-Australia, the roadmap shows collective…
Concept of Operations for C-ITS Core Functions
This document defines the core functions of the C-ITS platform including their objectives and capabilities. It identifies user needs and describes how the system will operate.
Cooperative Intelligent transport systems (C-ITS) Standards Assessment
This report documents the outcomes of an assessment of the emerging C-ITS standards and may be used to provide an understanding of the standards and provide guidance for determining which standards should be adopted locally.
C-ITS Interoperability with Existing ITS Infrastructure
This report defines how emerging C-ITS will integrate with existing ITS currently being operated by Austroads member road agencies. The report is limited to investigating what is required to achieve interoperability between 5.9 ITS (a term used to…
5.9GHz Satellite Interference Study - Field Study
This report discusses an investigation undertaken to determine the level of interfering signals from 5.9 GHz uplink transmissions of fixed satellite service (FSS) antennas in order to predict the potential level of impact of these transmissions on C-…
Vehicle Positioning for C-ITS in Australia (Background Document)
This report discusses the potential positioning requirements needed to be addressed by Australian governments in order for Australia to commence positioning itself to be ready to be a fast adopter of C-ITS platforms and applications being researched…
Emerging Digital Mapping Requirements for C-ITS

This report forms part of the Austroads NT1632 Cooperative Intelligent transport systems (C-ITS)project, which has the overall purpose of progressing the development of a framework that will enable C-ITS to be deployed and operated in Australia and…