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Webinar: Properties of General-purpose Cement with Increased Percentages of Limestone
This webinar, presented on 15 October 2019, provides an overview of an Austroads project that investigated whether cements with elevated limestone content would perform satisfactorily in ambient-cured and precast concretes subjected to aggressive…
Properties of General-purpose Cement with Increased Percentages of Limestone
This report presents the results of a research project commissioned by Austroads to investigate whether the currently used Australian general-purpose (GP) cement which complies with AS 3972, and which may contain up to 7.5% limestone as a mineral…
Webinar: Geopolymer Concrete and its Applications
This webinar, presented on 1 May 2018, outlines the findings of an Austroads geopolymer concrete project and a current update of the use, monitoring and specification of geopolymer concrete by VicRoads over the past nine years. The webinar was…
Guide to Bridge Technology Part 6: Bridge Construction
To ensure that bridges are properly constructed in accordance with the design drawings and specifications, engineers need to be well-informed on all aspects of their design and construction, including awareness of the problems that may arise and the…
Specification and Use of Geopolymer Concrete in the Manufacture of Structural and Non-Structural Components: Experimental Work

This report details the experimental phase of an Austroads project to review the specifications and use of geopolymer concrete. The findings indicate that acceptable grades of structural geopolymer concrete can be made for field applications.


Accelerated Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Supplementary Cementitious Materials to Suppress Damaging AAR Expansion in Concrete Structures

This report provides the results of testing of three potentially reactive aggregates by the accelerated mortar bar test (AMBT) and the concrete prism test (CPT).

The tests were conducted using reference mixes, which contained plain Portland cement as…

Fabrication and Erection of Structural Steelwork - The New AS/NZS 5131 and Engineers Risk Mitigation
This paper examines the initiative by the Australian Steel Institute to underwrite development of the new Australian Standard AS/NZS 5131 ‘Structural Steelwork – Fabrication and Erection’, the new ‘National Structural Steelwork Specification (NSSS)…
Galvanic Protection of Steel
  • ABC2017-106-17
  • 26 Apr 2017
  • Bridges
Across the globe, a huge sum is spent each year in maintaining and protecting steel infrastructure assets against corrosion. Most of the steel assets are protected using protective coatings or coating systems.
The Challenges Faced in Assessing the Durability Risks of Reinforced Concrete Bridges in Aggressive Environments
Durability assessment is increasingly becoming an integral part of infrastructure design projects in Australia. One of the key drivers for this is the requirement by asset owners for optimum whole of life cost, minimum construction period and…
The Use of Weathering Steel in Australian Bridges
Weathering steel is a high strength low alloy steel that, in a suitable environment, may be left unpainted due to the formation of an adherent protective rust “patina”. This patina significantly retards the corrosion rate, which is 5 to 10 times…