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The Kirkbride Road Interchange
  • ABC2017-155-17
  • 26 Apr 2017
  • Bridges
Kirkbride Road is a busy urban road crossing State Highway 20A, the main route between Auckland City and Auckland International Airport. The existing crossing is a signalised at-grade intersection which contributes to local congestion and has a high…
Innovative Bridge Raising for Flood Immunity
This article describes the innovative raising of an existing 201 m long, six span bridge by 2.3 m for flood immunity.
Reinforced Concrete for the Construction Stage of an Incrementally Launched Bridge
This article discusses the 375m long incrementally launched bridges over the Usuthu River using reinforced concrete, with no pre-stressing, to carry the construction stage loads.
Use of Accelerated Bridge Construction (ABC) Techniques in a High Seismic Area - MacKays to Peka Peka Expressway Project Case Study
Accelerated Bridge Construction (ABC) techniques have demonstrated significant time savings, and improved the quality of bridge construction. However, no design procedures or guidelines exist for ABC in seismically active areas. ABC utilises…
Aberdeen Bridge Construction Sequence
Aberdeen Bridge was configured so that substructure support locations matched those of existing bridges at this crossing of Highway No 9 over the Hunter River in New South Wales. The bridge comprises a main central span of 55.5 m and adjacent…
Design and Construction of Twin Track Dudley Street Bridge
The new Dudley Street Bridge is a 74m long structure supporting the Up and Down Regional Rail Link tracks to provide access to Platforms 1 to 8 at Southern Cross Station. The bridge is part of the $3.65 billion Regional Rail Link project in Victoria,…
CityLink Tulla Widening - Bell Street Bridge Interchange Upgrade
The $1.28 billion CityLink Tulla Widening project involves the widening of a 24km section of three major Melbourne freeways from Melbourne Airport to Power Street including the western section of the CityLink tollway, Tullamarine and Westgate…
Design and Construction Challenges for the 007 Rail-Bridge Replacement Project in New Zealand
The North Island Main Trunk Line is the main railway line in the North Island between Auckland and Wellington, in New Zealand. This line, owned and operated by Kiwirail, provides key freight and passenger services along the length of the North…
Challenges in Seismic Design of Incrementally Launched Bridges of Northern Marmara Motorway
The Northern Marmara Motorway consists in a 115 km long ring road around Istanbul. It includes the iconic 3rd Bosphorus Bridge designed to be the symbol of modern Turkey, but also not less than 37 bridges spread over European and Asian sides.
Tanderrum Pedestrian Bridge
  • ABC2017-076-17
  • 21 Apr 2017
  • Bridges
The Tanderrum Bridge is a pedestrian bridge connecting the Melbourne & Olympic Park precinct to Birrarung Marr and the Melbourne CBD. The project provides direct access from Flinders Street Station, and provides a new primary pedestrian entrance to…