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Options to Extend Coverage of Alcohol Interlock Programs
Despite high levels of community education and sustained enforcement, alcohol-related crashes and drink-driving offences continue to pose a threat to road safety.
Options for Rehabilitation in Interlock Programs
This report examines the effectiveness of national and international programs that treat and rehabilitate drivers with alcohol dependence and the criteria used to approve the removal of interlocks.
National Guidelines for Evaluation of Alcohol Ignition Interlock Programs
This report considers the ideal methods for a scientifically rigorous evaluation of the possible road safety benefits of Breath Alcohol Ignition Interlock Devices. It is hoped that the core methodology suggested by this research will allow…
National Guidelines for Alcohol Ignition Interlock Programs
A number of States are considering the introduction of an alcohol ignition interlock program - entailing the fitting of a device to a vehicle to prevent an alcohol-affected driver from starting it. Within this ambit, Austroads established a team to…