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Improved Laboratory Characterisation of the Deformation Properties of Granular Materials

This report examines the capacity of the extra-large wheel-tracking laboratory test method to predict the in-service performance of granular materials.

Rutting is a common distress mode of unbound granular bases under thin bituminous surfacings.


Update of Double / Double Design for Austroads Sprayed Seal Design Methods

This document is an update of the design procedure for double/double sprayed seal surfacing. The information supersedes that in Update of the Austroads Sprayed Seal Design Method(Austroads 2006), and replaces Sections 6, 7 and 8 in that document.

Establishing a Reference Aggregate for Aggregate Polishing Tests

Polished aggregate friction value (PAFV) tests are used by most jurisdictions in Australia to determine the resistance of aggregates to the polishing action of vehicle tyres on the road. Two versions of the PAFV test are used in Australia: the…

A New Reference Aggregate for PAFV Testing

This report describes studies of the effects of test conditions on vertical polished aggregate friction value (PAFV) results and the results of a proficiency study which was conducted to determine a preliminary PAFV value for UK aggregate. The…

Aggregate Wetting and Initial Adhesion of Sprayed Sealing Binders

Cutting solvents have been traditionally added to binders used in sprayed sealing in Australia and New Zealand to ensure that effective adhesion occurs between binder and aggregate. Recent Polymer modified binder (PMB) sealing failures, which have…

Aggregate Wetting Experiments and Effects on Recommended Polymer Modified Binder Cutter Levels

The work described in this report determines updated cutter level recommendations for S10E and S20E binders. Studies were also conducted to investigate the relationship between the contact angle of water on films of bitumen and PMB binders, and…

Treatment of Flushed Seals Using Chemical Solvents
This Pavement Work Tip is a practical guide for restoring texture to bleeding or flushed surfaces by applying additional aggregate with the assistance of chemical solvents.
Guide to Pavement Technology Part 4J: Aggregate and Source Rock
Part 4J of the Guide to Pavement Technology provides information and guidance on: the classification and description of source rocks; the properties of source rock materials that need to be specified to ensure a durable end product; and quality…
Sprayed Seals: Spreader Calibration and Aggregate Application Rates
This Pavement Work Tip is a guide to sprayer calibration and aggregate application for sprayed seals.
Sprayed Seals: Removal of Loose Aggregate
This Pavement Work Tip is a guide to the removal of surplus aggregate from sprayed seals using brooming or suction cleaning.