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Dangerous Goods in Tunnels: Application and Methodology
This report provides a standardised assessment method to mitigate the criticism of the transport of dangerous goods through road tunnels and provide greater transparency of the decisions reached. The transport of dangerous goods is critical to…
Dangerous Goods in Tunnels: Literature Review
This report documents the results of an extensive literature review examining the transport of dangerous goods in road tunnels. It includes international and local studies and methodologies, trial reports, and media. The transport of dangerous goods…
Relationships Between Cutter Oil Properties and Sprayed Seal Performance
This study investigated the relationship between cutter oil properties and sprayed seal performance so that this information could be used as a basis for updating Australian Standard 3568. AS 3568 specifies the properties of four different types of…
Guide to Bridge Technology: Set
Easy access to all eight parts of the Guide to Bridge Technology.
Guide to Bridge Technology Part 8: Hydraulic Design of Waterway Structures
Guide to Bridge Technology Part 8 provides a guideline for issues related to the waterway design of bridges. It covers various topics such as design flood standards and estimation methods, general considerations in waterway design and design…
Specification Framework for Polymer Modified Binders
This specification framework outlines the requirements for PMBs and crumb rubber modified binders for use in both sprayed sealing and asphalt applications.
Austroads Test Methods and Specifications
This document provides a hyperlinked list of the Austroads Test Methods and Specifications.
Webinar: Lean Construction: Responding to the Productivity Challenge Faced by the Construction Industry
This webinar, presented on 16 May 2019, provides an overview of the Lean approach to construction project delivery.
Code of Practice for Temporary Traffic Management Part 10: Sample Layouts
Austroads has released Code of Practice for Temporary Traffic Management Part 10: Sample Layouts for industry consultation. Austroads' Code of Practice for Temporary Traffic Management is being developed as part of the strategic priority…
Webinar: Updated Guidance for the Design of New Pavements for Road Tunnels
This webinar, presented on 30 April 2019, gives an overview of the key changes to the Guide to Road Tunnels Part 2: Planning, Design and Commissioning.