Webinar: Guide to Road Tunnels Part 4: Retrofitting Tunnels
  • Publication no: WEB-AGRT04-19
  • Published: 29 August 2019

This webinar, presented on 29 August 2019, provides an overview of the new Guide to Road Tunnels Part 4: Retrofitting Tunnels and the requirements for developing a project to upgrade a road tunnel.

It covers:

  • why a retrofitting project may be required for a tunnel
  • the types of retrofitting projects
  • the process of developing a retrofitting project
  • acceptable standards for retrofitting
  • retrofitting or refurbishing individual components of the tunnel or tunnel systems
  • achieving energy efficiency in tunnel construction and operation by adopting appropriate solutions
  • case studies on the M2 Norfolk Twin Tunnels NSW and the refurbishment of the Terrace Tunnel, New Zealand.

The webinar was presented by Les Louis.

The presentation slides can be downloaded from the supporting documents tab after logging in.