Cover of Guide to Road Tunnels Part 2: Planning, Design and Commissioning
Guide to Road Tunnels Part 2: Planning, Design and Commissioning
  • Publication no: AGRT02-10
  • ISBN: 978-1-921709-40-1
  • Published: 26 November 2010
  • Edition: 1
  • Superseded

This Part discusses all aspects of the planning, design and commissioning of road tunnels including structural and geotechnical requirements, fire and life safety, ventilation, lighting, traffic monitoring and control, plant monitoring and control, electrical power supply and the requirements for associated building structures.

It also discusses the expected approach to the design of the elements of the tunnel project and where appropriate defines acceptable standards for those elements. Emphasis is placed on adopting a risk management approach to the design of the elements, stressing the importance of considering the interaction of the various components and the effect of the total combination of the elements. This Part defines the requirements for commissioning of road tunnels, the effect this has on design and the documentation required to ensure that all systems are functioning appropriately before operation commences.

Part 2 of the Guide does not deal with the refurbishment of existing tunnels nor of the retro-fitting of components to existing tunnels. However, for projects of that nature, the discussions in this part of the Guide may be of assistance in deciding on the appropriate design to adopt having regard to the factors involved and the economy of the possible solutions.