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1.5 Emerging Issues

The types of motor vehicles over the next generation are likely to be different from the vehicles currently travelling on the road network. It is expected that there will be an increase in the automated driving capability of vehicles, including wireless connectivity, known as connected and automated vehicles (CAVs). These vehicles will require infrastructure to enable and support their operation.

The ranges and type of fuels being used is also expanding, with petrol, petrol with ethanol blends, diesel, biodiesel, compressed gases, including natural gas, hydrogen, and electrical power now available to be used in a wide range of vehicles.

As the changes to the vehicle fleet occurs, the design, operation and management of tunnels may need to be reviewed to be responsive to the changing needs of these vehicles and the interaction with the older vehicles travelling on the road. Therefore, the design of new tunnels should include sufficient flexibility in the systems being installed to allow potential new features and communication systems, and the location of equipment and signs to enable CAVs to operate safely and effectively.