Traffic management

Webinar: Standardisation of ITS Technology Asset Management Datasets
  • Publication no: WEB-R608-19
  • Published: 5 December 2019

This webinar, presented on 5 December 2019, provides an overview of the first version of the standardised condition and performance datasets for intelligent transport systems (ITS) assets.

ITS assets are technologies placed in vehicles and infrastructure to improve the safety and efficiency of transport systems.

It covers:

  • how to define ITS asset criticality
  • the gaps in the ITS asset data that currently exist
  • case studies on jurisdictional data collection and standardised KPIs for performance reporting
  • benefit-cost-analysis for the implementation of the data standard
  • how Auckland Motorways adopted the data standard and the insights and benefits gained.

The webinar was presented by Dr Clarissa Han and Dean Parker.

The presentation slides can be downloaded from the supporting documents tab after logging in.