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Cover of Travel Demand Management Guidelines
Travel Demand Management Guidelines
  • Publication no: AP-117-95
  • Published: 1 January 1994
The overall aim of the guidelines is to provide a means of understanding Travel Demand Management (TDM) and assist in decisions on whether to use and implement TDM. The document is intended to be used as a reference manual providing a guide to good practice. The guidelines discuss the objectives of TDM, why the need for TDM has arisen, an overview of the general characterisics of TDM, and discussions to provide readers with an understanding of TDM. A comprehensive list of TDM measures are provided, together with performance and evaluation criteria and examples of measures which have been implemented in Australia and overseas.
  • Contents
  • Foreword
  • Glossary of Terms
  • 1. Travel Demand Management
  • 2. How Does TDM Work?
  • 3. Performance and Evaluation Criteria for TDM Measures
  • 4. TDM Objective and Implementation Matrices
  • 5. Generic TDM Actions and their Evaluation
  • 6. Putting TDM into Practice
  • Appendix A - A Simple Analytical Demand/Supply Model
  • Appendix B - Summaries of TDM Experience around the World
  • Appendix C - References and Bibliography