Traffic management

Cover of Guide to Traffic Management Part 13: Road Environment Safety
Guide to Traffic Management Part 13: Road Environment Safety
  • Publication no: AGTM13-15
  • ISBN: 978-1-925294-62-0
  • Published: 17 August 2015
  • Edition: 2
  • Superseded

Guide to Traffic Management Part 13: Road Environment Safety is concerned with traffic management practice under the Safe System philosophy. The Guide emphasises the need for the road system to provide an environment which assists road users to behave effectively and safely. It considers the role of traffic management in influencing road user behaviour, and provides guidance for practitioners specifically on road safety aspects of traffic management.

Part 13 defines a safe road environment and the broad approaches for achieving it. It outlines basic human factors as related to users of the road and traffic environment, and how these can be influenced by road design and traffic management practice. It also describes the basic components of road safety engineering and its application in terms of risk engineering concepts, primary strategies and safety management systems, and outlines the principles and practice of managing safety in the road environment, as related to road infrastructure features and the basic tools of traffic engineering and management.

This 2015 edition includes updated Safe System content in Section 1.2 and Section 2. Additional information regarding road safety audit and road safety assessment programs is provided in Section 4.5. The latest Austroads research findings regarding the roadside safety management framework for the evaluation of roadside hazards and their treatment options are updated in Section 5.2.4. The references and cross-references to various parts of the Guide to Road Safety and Guide to Road Design are updated throughout.