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Appendix E 1.1 Development Details

The proposal is a new quarry to be located outside a large rural town as shown in Figure E 1. The figure identified road sections A, B, C and D and intersection X which are referred to later. An existing processing plant, which will receive the extracted material, is located 2.5 km to the east on the same State-Controlled Road (Desert Crossing Road).

  • The quarry has an estimated output of 200 000 t/year.
  • The development application was referred to Main Roads by the local government, as the quarry would have direct access to a state-controlled road (SCR). The planned size of the quarry exceeds identified referral thresholds. (Referral triggers are documented in Department of Infrastructure, Local Government and Planning 2007).
  • Currently, the site is vacant and there are agricultural land uses adjacent.
  • The development is proposed to have a single access onto Desert Crossing Road. The processing plant has an existing access direct to Desert Crossing Road.
  • The quarry is proposed to operate in a single 6 am to 5 pm shift, six days per week, throughout the year (i.e. 312 days/year). Up to 25 staff will be present during a shift.
  • Haulage vehicles will be 42.5 t GVM tri-axle semi-tippers with a tare (vehicle) mass of 16 t and net (payload) weight of 26.5 t.
  • The proposed development will employ a local workforce, residing primarily in the town.
  • The quarry is expected to become fully operational in the 2007 and has an estimated extraction life of 20 years.

Figure E 1: Locality map