Table of Contents

3.6.1 Preventive Action

Preventive actions aim to adjust road travel demand in time and/or space. They can consist of:

  • routine operation of systems to maintain optimum traffic conditions (e.g. traffic adaptive control systems have the ability to delay the onset of congestion)
  • measures to warn users of foreseeable traffic difficulties (e.g. those due to holiday traffic, weather, natural conditions or planned events) enabling road users the opportunity to change their time of travel, modify their route or abandon their trip.

Preventive action requires:

  • a capacity (e.g. systems) to control traffic in such a way as to maintain optimal conditions
  • a capacity to predict traffic disturbances (whether sporadic, foreseeable or recurrent)
  • response or contingency plans that can be used in the event of foreseen difficulties
  • dissemination of information regarding preventive actions to the users.