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3.5.1 Emergency Response Operations

Emergency response operations include breakdown services, clearance operations and emergency call-out. They may also include provision of warning information for road users.

In case of an incident, the objective is to facilitate quick action by the appropriate emergency services (police, fire brigade, medical services) and/or the breakdown services. The incident area must then be protected and upstream motorists warned as quickly as possible. This may require the traffic incident to be isolated by guidance markings, and the traffic flow to be restored after clearing the obstacles (such as an overturned truck, fallen rocks, etc.) and cleaning up the road.

The prime performance measure is the response time: the interval between the time the management service learns of an incident and the time the response actually begins or the relevant users are informed.

Emergency response operations further require standby of operational teams that can be mobilised within a time period conditional on the level of service sought by the operator.