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3.8 Demand Management

Demand management in general is discussed in Part 4 of the Guide to Traffic Management (Austroads 2016b). This section focuses on demand management only in relation to traffic operations.

Demand management in this context covers all operational measures that aim to limit the consequences of a decreasing level of service on a route. This is carried out through actions such as improving traffic distribution through time or encouraging users to modal transfer.

Operational tasks related to demand management should be integrated in a multimodal mobility policy with the road being part of it. They are closely related to, and complement, some traffic management actions, for example those related to assisting road-based public transport.

From a traffic operations perspective, the main contribution to demand management is through the provision of information to road users that could potentially cause a change of mode, a change of time of travel or a change of route. Information of this type is provided, via the media described in Section 3.7.4, in most cities. This is a fairly simple measure that can be implemented for a relatively low cost. It is not restrictive, and it leaves the decision to the users.