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8.4.6 Electronic Ramp Control Signs

Electronic ramp control signs associated with ramp meter operation are as follows:

  • Warning and regulatory signs on approaches – provided on the approaches to the arterial/entry ramp intersection to face traffic turning onto the ramp. In addition to indicating if the signals are in operation, they can also be activated to indicate the ramp is closed as part of motorway incident management as shown in Figure 8.4.

Figure 8.4: Warning and regulatory signs on approaches

Source: VicRoads (2013b).

  • Warning signs on entry ramp – these signs are used on entry ramps for situations where there is restricted sight distance to the ramp signals. They indicate that signals are ahead and alert drivers of the need to stop when the signals are in operation. Figure 8.5 shows such warning signs with the electronic sign alternating the messages ‘ramp signals on’ and ‘prepare to stop’.

Figure 8.5: Warning signs on entry ramp

Source: ARRB Group (2012b).

  • Arterial road VMS – these signs may be four-colour full matrix variable message signs used to display motorway travel times, including ramp delay, as well as information about incidents, roadwork and motorway or ramp closure. These signs enable drivers to make alternative route choices before entering the motorway. They are located on the arterial road in advance of the left and right-turn lanes at the ramp interchange. Where the interchange is close to a fork in the motorway, such that there are two downstream routes, two of these signs should be provided, one for each route. Figure 8.6 illustrates a range of real-time traveller information messages that can be provided.

Figure 8.6: Messages on an advance motorway condition information sign

Source: VicRoads (2013b).