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5.1.10 Performance Measures

Road agencies generally collect information about all aspects of traffic incidents (such as the arrival and departure times of all response vehicles) and use performance measures to quantify the effectiveness of the overall incident management process. Measures used include number (or frequency) of incidents, detection time, response time and clearance time.

A possible framework for performance measurement which looks at inputs, processes and outputs is shown in Table 5.3.

Table 5.3: Performance measurement framework

Item Input Process Output
Incident managementDetection and verification.Response, performance evaluation and review.Minimise traffic delays; maintain safety.
Potential measures

Number of incidents (by category: major, intermediate, minor).

Time to detect, verify.

Response time of responders.

Response time (detection to activation).

Number of traffic diversions.

Time to clear incidents.

Duration of incidents.

Number of responses to enquiries.

Lane-loss time.

Relationships with responders.

Major incident debrief/audit.

Delays due to incidents.

Secondary incidents.

Customer satisfaction (complaints, media reports).

Source: Austroads (2007a).