Traffic management

Cover of Guide to Traffic Management Part 7: Traffic Management in Activity Centres
Guide to Traffic Management Part 7: Traffic Management in Activity Centres
  • Publication no: AGTM07-15
  • ISBN: 978-1-925294-08-8
  • Published: 26 February 2015
  • Edition: 2
  • Superseded

Guide to Traffic Management: Part 7: Traffic Management in Activity Centres is concerned with the planning and management of centres typified by high levels of internal activity and interaction, especially by people on foot. It addresses the need to obtain a balance between providing for vehicular access and providing for pedestrian, cyclist and public transport needs without compromising the functionality of a site. It provides guidance for planners and engineers associated with the design, development and management of a variety of activity centres.

Part 7 presents the guiding principles for traffic management in activity centres, including the policy and planning context, and major considerations and processes involved. It outlines operational and physical measures to provide for movement to and within such centres, either as part of their planning or in their day-to-day management. It presents traffic management techniques and procedures that may be applied in activity centres and details their application in different kinds of centre, based on examples in practice.

Edition 2.0 has been updated to reflect emerging and evolving practices related to the management of activity centres. It includes updates to network operation planning (Section 3.4.1), traffic calming and speed management (Section 3.6) and cycling implications for traffic management practice (Section 3.8.4). It also incorporates a new appendix with case studies on traffic management in activity centres (Appendix B), updates to design considerations for pedestrians with special needs (Appendix G).and a new appendix with guidance on passenger transport interchanges (Appendix I).