Road safety

Webinar: Guide to Road Safety Part 6: Managing Road Safety Audits
  • Publication no: WEB-AGRS06-19
  • Published: 21 March 2019

This webinar, presented on 21 March 2019, provides an overview of the new Guide to Road Safety Part 6: Managing Road Safety Audits.

It covers

  • the defined roles, requirements and expectations of the Project Sponsor, Project Manager and Audit Team Leader towards an optimal outcome
  • where road safety audits sit within contemporary operating environments and contexts and how we can best embed and integrate the road safety audit process within Safe System thinking
  • how findings (risks) and treatment options can be categorised by the extent of their ‘alignment’ to the Safe System
  • the next steps - the consolidation of the new Part 6 (management) and Part 6A (implementation)

The webinar was presented by Paul Hillier, Kenn Beer and Joseph Le.

The presentation slides can be downloaded from the supporting documents tab after logging in.