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Youth Road Safety
  • Publication no: AP-R159-00
  • ISBN: 0 85588 546 7
  • Published: 1 January 2000
Youth are over-represented in road crashes in Australia. During 1996, young people were involved in 41% of fatal crashes and 37% of hospitalisation crashes in Australia. In 1997 youth were involved in a total of 8,513 fatal and hospitalisation crashes. To address the issue of youth involvement in road crashes, Austroads has undertaken to develop a National Action Plan for Youth Road Safety for consideration within the National Action Plan for Road Safety being developed by Australian Transport Safety Bureau. Each jurisdiction in Australia and in New Zealand has developed strategies to address the issue of young driver involvement in road crashes. Strategies included developing integrated driver education and training programs; improving graduated licensing schemes where required; involving youth in the development of programs; and funding research projects to establish a better understanding of youth road safety issues. This document comprises a set of recommended strategies for addressing youth road safety issues. The strategies listed below are based on outcomes from the Youth Road Safety Workshop held in Melbourne in April 1999.
  • Contents
  • Executive Summary
  • 1. Introduction
  • 2. Youth Road Safety Issues
  • 3. Current Practice
  • 4. Recommended Strategies
  • 5. Working Party and Contributors to Youth Road Safety Strategies Workshop