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Cover of Safe System Workshop Materials
Safe System Workshop Materials
  • Publication no: AP-C106-19
  • Published: 10 September 2019

In 2016 Austroads partnered with member agencies to deliver a series of 15 workshops to disseminate and explore the findings of Austroads Safety Projects: Translating Safe System Infrastructure Research and Knowledge into Practice (SS2016), Understanding and Improving Safe System Intersection Performance (SS1960) and Development of a Safe System Assessment Framework for Infrastructure Projects (SS1958).

The presentation slides from the Safe Systems Infrastructure Workshops can be downloaded below.

Presentation Slides

All presentations | 36.26 MB zip file

Day one

Safe System Foundations | 2.42 MB PDF

System Failures | 1.6 MB PDF

Evolution of the Safe System | 1.56 MB PDF

Conventional vs Safe System Approach Exercise | 272 KB PDF

Safer Speeds | 1.37 MB PDF

Would You Want to Leap Out of a Building | 499 KB PDF

Road Departures and Head-on Collisions | 5.41 MB PDF

Safe System Strategy Exercise | 5.44 MB PDF

Speed Management | 3.33 MB PDF

Day two

Intersections | 2.34 MB PDF

Measuring the Progress of Safe System Implementation | 954 KB PDF

Safe System Assessments | 2.18 MB PDF

Handout Innovation Design Review | 1.21 MB PDF

Motorcycling Safety | 1.61 MB PDF

Pedestrian and Cyclist Safety | 5.80 MB PDF

Heavy Vehicles | 729 KB PDF