Road safety

Cover of Road Safety Leadership
Road Safety Leadership
  • Publication no: AP-C105-19
  • Published: 10 September 2019

This note provides information to answer commonly asked questions to assist leadership of change for improved road safety.

The Safe System is internationally regarded as the best practice approach to road safety. While Australia and New Zealand have been early adopters of the approach since 2004, there has generally been a lack of clarity amongst practitioners on how best to integrate the approach into their daily activities. This note provides:

  • an introduction to the Safe System approach,
  • highlights the key messages related to Safe System infrastructure solutions, and
  • highlights key references on the Safe System approach.
  • 1. What is the contemporary thinking to improve road safety?
  • 2. How can I find out more about Safe System infrastructure solutions?
  • 3. What is the Safe System?
  • 4. How can infrastructure be improved using the principles of the Safe System?
  • 5. At what stage in road infrastructure provision should Safe System be considered?
  • 6. Should the Safe System be considered through all road infrastructure programs?
  • 7. How can speed management improve road safety?
  • 8. What can be done to mitigate intersection crashes?
  • 9. What can be done to mitigate lane departure crashes?
  • 10. What can be done to mitigate vulnerable road user crashes?
    • Pedestrians
    • Cyclists
    • Motorcycles
    • Vehicle technologies
  • 11. What road safety support tools are available?
  • Key references
  • Key resources