Road safety

Cover of Guide to Road Safety: Set
Guide to Road Safety: Set
  • Publication no: AGRS-SET
  • Published: 6 September 2019

The ten parts of Guide to Road Safety examine the cost of road crashes and the duty of care of road agencies to provide safe travel. The advantages and disadvantages of different ways of measuring road safety are discussed. The Safe System approach is explained, along with the merits of an evidence-based approach to road safety countermeasures.

The Safe System seeks to eliminate death and serious injury on the road network and to achieve this recognises that there are limits to the forces a human can withstand in a collision. To reduce these forces the Safe System centres around four cornerstones: safe roads, safe speeds, safe vehicles and safe road users.

The Guide to Road Safety comprises:

  • Part 1: Road Safety Overview (PDF | Online)
  • Part 2: Road Safety Strategy and Evaluation (PDF | Online)
  • Part 3: Speed Limits and Speed Management (PDF | Online)
  • Part 4: Local Government and Community Road Safety (PDF | Online)
  • Part 5: Road Safety for Rural and Remote Areas (PDF | Online being built)
  • Part 6: Managing Road Safety Audits (PDF | Online)
  • Part 6A: Implementing Road Safety Audits (PDF | Online)
  • Part 7: Road Network Crash Risk Assessment and Management (PDF | Online)
  • Part 8: Treatment of Crash Locations (PDF | Online)
  • Part 9: Roadside Hazard Management (PDF | Online)