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1.1 Purpose

Austroads Guide to Road Design seeks to capture the contemporary road design practice of member organisations (Austroads Guide to Road Design Part 1: Introduction to Road Design (Austroads 2010a)). In doing so, it provides valuable guidance to designers in the production of safe, economical and efficient road designs.

The purpose of the Guide to Road Design Part 5: Drainage is to provide designers with guidance to appropriately manage stormwater run-off through the design of an efficient and effective road drainage system. This Guide comprises three parts:

AGRD Part 5 (Austroads 2013a) of the Guide provides an introduction to the three parts, an overview of the drainage considerations in undertaking a drainage design, safety considerations, environmental issues and detailed guidance on the hydrologic assessment of a catchment. AGRD Part 5A provides guidance on road surface flows, design of the pit and pipe systems and basins and introduction to the major/minor flow concept.

The purpose of this Part is to provide road designers with guidance on the requirements for the design of open channels, culverts and floodways, to support the operation and management of the road network.

The AGRD Part 5: Drainage is one of eight parts of the Guide to Road Design (see Figure 1.1) that provide guidance on geometric design, intersection design, roadside design and geotechnical design, all of which may influence the location and design of the drainage system.

Figure 1.1: Flow chart of Guide to Road Design

Description: Flow Chart of RD Series


Part 4 of the Guide to Road Design comprises four parts, namely:

Part 5 of the Guide to Road Design comprises three parts, namely:

Part 6 of the Guide to Road Design comprises three parts, namely: