Road design

Cover of Guide to Road Design Part 5: Drainage Design
Guide to Road Design Part 5: Drainage Design
  • Publication no: AGRD05-08
  • ISBN: 978-1-921329-91-3
  • Published: 5 September 2008
  • Edition: 1
  • Superseded

Guide to Road Design Part 5: Drainage Design is concerned with road drainage design for all drainage infrastructure, except bridges which is covered in the Austroads Guide to Bridge Technology. Part 5 provides guidance on good design process and practice, and focuses on the hydraulic design of the drainage systems and facilities, including the required design charts and formulae.

Part 5 presents detailed information and guidelines on factors that need to be considered in the selection and design of appropriate and effective road drainage. Whilst it provides general information on the assessment of rainfall and run-off the guide requires other key documents to provide detailed information for the determination of water flows for design purposes.

The Guide describes the need to control pollution and erosion from road use, road construction and road maintenance activities, and provides processes, parameters and techniques associated with treatments designed to prevent pollutants from entering natural water courses, and water flows from causing damage.