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4.9 Safety Screens

Consideration must be given to the risk imposed on motorists by objects accidently falling or being illegally thrown from overhead bridge structures at interchanges. A risk assessment should be undertaken to determine the need to place safety screening on bridges. An example of a risk assessment can be found in Roads and Maritime Services (2012) which includes a risk assessment matrix for this purpose and additional information including:

  • the impacted vehicle is a significant factor, therefore high-speed roads are accorded a high priority
  • new interchanges are expected to incorporate facilities that may be required during the life of the structure
  • all overbridges over motorways, restricted access roads or major public roads, which are within 2 km of a school, club, hotel, or similar facilities would invariably warrant protection.

Safety screens may impact on the visibility at intersections and the sight distance should be assessed at these locations.