Table of Contents

1.1 Purpose

The Austroads Guide to Road Design seeks to capture the contemporary road design practice of member organisations (Guide to Road Design Part 1: Introduction to Road Design, Austroads 2015a). In doing so, it provides valuable guidance to designers in the production of safe, economical and efficient road designs.

The Guide to Road Design Part 4C: Interchanges (AGRD Part 4C) provides guidance on the geometric design of interchanges, and together with three other sub-parts:

provide guidance on the geometric design of intersections and crossings.

Figure 1.1 shows the eight guides that comprise the Austroads Guide to Road Design. Collectively these parts provide information on a range of disciplines including geometric design, drainage, roadside design, and geotechnical design, all of which may influence the location and design of intersections.

Figure 1.1: Flow chart of the Guide to Road Design