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8.3.2 Geometric Requirements

Table 8.1 provides a guide to the geometric requirements of ramps for various design speeds.

Table 8.1: Geometric requirements for ramps

Value when design speed of element(1)(km/h) is:Design control characteristic
Desirable maximum superelevation (%)(2)666666666
Desirable minimum radius of horizontal curvature (m) – desirable min. f values(3)355595155230340440530670
Maximum superelevation (%)777766666
Minimum radius of curvature (m) – using maximum f values(3)305075105160245360530670
  1. Values given exclusive of intersection roadways at ramp terminals.
  2. Higher values may be used in constrained circumstances with an absolute maximum of 10%.
  3. Refer to AGRD Part 3 (Austroads 2010b).