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5.3.4 Roads with Shared Traffic

Roads that have low traffic speeds (< 50 km/h) and relatively low volumes (< 3000 vpd) generally enable cyclists to safely share the road with other traffic.

Figure 5.1 shows an example of a low-volume single-lane roundabout that is based on cyclists occupying the approach lane. The approach lane width should not exceed 3 m as wider lanes may encourage risky overtaking behaviour by motorists.

Figure 5.1: Bicycle route through single-lane roundabout – no bicycle facility


Note: The width of the entry WE should cater for the design vehicle, e.g. service vehicle or fire truck. However, it is preferable that WE be less than 3.0 m so that drivers do not attempt to enter the roundabout alongside cyclists and ‘squeeze’ them into the kerb.
Source: Adapted from Roads and Traffic Authority (2005).