Project delivery

Cover of Guide to Project Delivery Part 2: Planning and Control
Guide to Project Delivery Part 2: Planning and Control
  • Publication no: AGPD02-14
  • ISBN: 978-1-925854-54-1
  • Published: 23 October 2019
  • Edition: 2.1

Guide to Project Delivery consists of five parts. Part 2 gives guidance to project delivery practitioners on a number of concepts relating to planning and control of the delivery phase, as opposed to the preceding initiation phase and subsequent operational phase of a project.

It covers a range of topics at a ‘principles and considerations’ level, leaving the details to be sourced from the preferred practice of the jurisdiction for which the project is intended. Key among these topics are risk, procurement strategy, change control, performance monitoring and community engagement. The appendices give valuable information and examples to assist practitioners achieve quality outcomes on the projects they deliver.

In Edition 2.1 Figure 4.2 has been revised for clarity.

In Edition 2.1 of the Guide, released in 2019, Figure 4.2 was revised for clarity.

In 2014 this part of the Guide was revised to align with the joint Austroads and APCC Building and Construction Procurement Guide – Principles and Options(AP-G92-14). The title of this Part of the Guide was shortened to ‘Planning and Control’. Section 4 has been renamed ‘Procurement Strategy’ and expanded to provide further detail on delivery model options and procurement strategy development considerations.