Project delivery

Cover of Guide to Project Delivery Part 1: Overview
Guide to Project Delivery Part 1: Overview
  • Publication no: AGPD01-14
  • ISBN: 978-1-925037-38-8
  • Published: 3 February 2014
  • Edition: 3

The Guide to Project Delivery consists of five parts. Part 1 explains the context of project delivery in relation to the asset management functions and strategic planning process and its role and importance within the overall project management framework. It also covers a range of elements fundamental to successful project delivery including the project brief, project delivery plan, procurement strategy and project governance.

In 2014 this part of the Guide was revised to align with the joint Austroads and APCC Building and Construction Procurement Guide – Principles and Options(AP-G92-14).

Updates include:

  • a new Figure 1.2: Project management framework
  • a new Section 2 Project Management Framework, which provides details of the three project phases shown in the revised Figure 1.2.
  • updated summary text on procurement strategies (Section 3.3), with further detail located in Part 2, Section 4.