Cover of Performance Requirements for Bitumen Sprayers
Performance Requirements for Bitumen Sprayers
  • Publication no: AP-T262-14
  • ISBN: 978-1-925037-53-1
  • Published: 20 February 2014

This document sets out the performance requirements expected of bitumen sprayers operating in Australia and New Zealand.

For a consistent and high quality of sprayed sealing work to be undertaken, and for sprayed sealing to remain a viable surfacing option in the face of increasing traffic levels, the achievement of well-defined and controlled application rates of binder and aggregate are very important factors. The spraying of the binder at the correct design rates of application depends on the design, manufacture and maintenance of the bitumen sprayer, appropriate calibration method, and the operating procedures, skills and competency of the operator.

The proposed performance requirements apply to purpose-built mechanical bitumen sprayers for the application of hot and/or cold bituminous materials commonly used in sprayed sealing, but do not apply to spraying equipment used exclusively for hand sprayed work or where the pressure source is compressed air and pressurised tank.

  • 1. Scope
  • 2. Sprayer Calibration Certificates
  • 3. Legal, Safety, Noise and Environmental Requirements
  • 4. Performance Requirements
    • 4.1. Spraying Bituminous Materials
      • 4.1.1. Type of Bituminous Materials
      • 4.1.2. Rates of Application
      • 4.1.3. Maintaining Uniform Rate of Application
      • 4.1.4. Temperature Range
    • 4.2. Spray Distribution
      • 4.2.1. Uniform Transverse Distribution
      • 4.2.2. Variable Transverse Distribution
      • 4.2.3. Effective Width of Spray
      • 4.2.4. Overspray
      • 4.2.5. Longitudinal Distribution
    • 4.3. Spray Cut-in and Cut-off Distances
  • 5. Design and Construction Requirements
    • 5.1. Sprayer Tanks
    • 5.2. Loading, Mixing and Sampling
    • 5.3. Heating System
    • 5.4. Circulating System
    • 5.5. Binder Delivery System
    • 5.6. Speed Control System
    • 5.7. Instruments and Controls
  • References