Cover of Guide to Pavement Technology Part 2: Pavement Structural Design
Guide to Pavement Technology Part 2: Pavement Structural Design
  • Publication no: AGPT02-17
  • ISBN: 978-1-925854-69-5
  • Published: 29 November 2019
  • Edition: 4.3

Guide to Pavement Technology Part 2: Pavement Structural Design provides advice for the structural design of sealed road pavements. The advice has been generally developed from the approaches followed by the Austroads member agencies. However, as it encompasses the wide range of materials and conditions found in Australia and New Zealand, some parts are broadly based.

This Part covers the assessment of input parameters needed for design, design methods for flexible and rigid pavements and gives guidance on the economic comparisons of alternative pavement designs.


Austroads' pavement design software, AustPADS conducts advanced mechanistic analysis of the response-to-load of road pavements.

The AustPADS user interface and the underlying analysis engine APADS were developed by ARRB Group for Austroads.

The analysis engine is based upon a finite element method model and software developed by Dr Markus Oeser.

The primary users for AustPADS are Australia and New Zealand road managers, industry organisations and consultancies working with road agencies. Access may not be granted to other users.

Apply here for access

If you are considering conducting training using AustPADS please contact and supply information about who is conducting the training, when and where the course will be held, when the software is likely to be accessed and how many participants you are expecting.

This 47 minute video provides an overview of AustPADS and includes design and analysis examples.

Edition 4.3 published November 2019

Corrections to the damage calculations in Table L11.

Edition 4.2 published October 2018

Corrections to equation numbering from Section 7.4.7 onwards.

Edition 4.1 published September 2018

Corrections to 7.4.6 Cumulative Number of Heavy Vehicles Considering Capacity and Appendix D.

Edition 4.0 published December 2017

Changes to this edition of the Guide include:

  • Editorial changes and minor technical changes throughout
  • Major technical changes to Sections 5.3.8, 5.8, 6.4, 6.5, 6.6, 7, 8, 9.2.1, 9.4.6, 9.7, Appendix B, Appendix C, Appendix D, Appendix E, Appendix F, Appendix G, Appendix H, Appendix I, Appendix J, Appendix L, Appendix M and Appendix O.