Cover of Viscosity of Calibration Fluid
Viscosity of Calibration Fluid
  • Publication no: AGPT-T536-18
  • Published: 19 June 2018

This test method sets out the procedure for validating the calibration fluid. The calibration fluid is used for volumetric calibration of bitumen sprayer pumps (AGPT/T531), and also for two methods of determining transverse distribution of bitumen sprayers (AGPT/T532 and AGPT/T534). The calibration fluid shall have the required properties as set out in this test

  • 1.         Preface
  • 2.         Scope
  • 3.         Safety Disclaimer
  • 4.         References
  • 5.         Specification
  • 6.         Procedure
    • 6.1        Use of a Calibrated Test Fluid (Preferred Method)
    • 6.2        Calibration with a Calibrated Viscometer