Cover of Extractions of Bituminous Binder from Asphalt
Extractions of Bituminous Binder from Asphalt
  • Publication no: AGPT-T191-15
  • Published: 30 January 2015

This method has been developed for extracting bituminous binders from bituminous mixtures i.e. asphalt field samples, loose plant mix or reclaimed asphalt pavement.

It is based on ARRB method M07. The objective of the method is to provide a sample of binder representative of its in-service state primarily in terms of measured viscosity. Since the method is based on a solvent extraction step followed by thin film solvent removal, the effectiveness of the procedure will depend on achieving complete removal of the solvent while maintaining minimal oxidative hardening in the extracted binder.

  • 1. References
  • 2. Materials
  • 3. Equipment
  • 4. Procedures
    • 4.1. Asphalt Sample Preparation
    • 4.2. Binder Extraction
  • 5. Information to be Reported
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