Webinar: Investigating the Potential Benefits of Enhanced End to End Supply Chain Visibility
  • Publication no: WEB-R538-17
  • Published: 15 August 2017

This webinar, presented on 15 August 2017, provides an overview of the tangible benefits to the Australian economy that efforts to improve supply chain visibility can bring. In March 2017 Austroads released a report quantifying the benefits of improving multi-modal supply chain efficiencies, primarily through improved tracking. Industry participants in real time pilot projects, adopting a global data standard and associated technology, experienced improved planning, reduced turnaround times at delivery and pick up points, and an increase in, as well as a reduction of failures of, delivery in-full on-time (DIFOT). The webinar was presented by Julian Breheny, Rose Elphick-Darling and David McNeil.

The presentation slides and Q+A can be downloaded from the supporting documents tab.