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Cover of Traffic Impact Estimation Tool for Small Intersection Projects: User Guide
Traffic Impact Estimation Tool for Small Intersection Projects: User Guide
  • Publication no: AP-R523-16
  • ISBN: 978-1-925451-29-0
  • Published: 22 August 2016

This User Guide is a practical ‘how-to’ guide to using the Small Intersection Evaluation (SIE) Tool.

The SIE Tool is intended as a quick economic evaluation tool for small intersection projects including: give-ways/stops, roundabouts and traffic signals. Intersection treatments are evaluated in terms of traffic impacts through road user cost (RUC) savings (travel time, vehicle operating cost and emissions cost savings) as well as crash cost savings.

The SIE Tool is not intended to replace detailed analysis of intersections using established approaches and methodologies commonly used by road and transport agencies. Rather, it is designed to assist practitioners when they need to undertake a rapid evaluation of an intersection involving several potential treatment types or evaluate a number of possible projects within a program of intersection projects. This type of evaluation could then be followed by detailed evaluation of intersection treatment types in the conventional manner if required.

The tool can be downloaded from the supporting documents tab.

The development of the tool and its default values are detailed in the Austroads report AP-R522-16 Development of the Traffic Impact Estimation Tool for Small Intersection Projects.

  • Summary
  • Contents
  • 1. Introduction
    • 1.1. Objective of the Small Intersection Evaluation (SIE) Tool
    • 1.2. Focus of the User Guide
  • 2. Small Intersection Evaluation Tool Step-by-step User Guide
    • 2.1. Opening the SIE Tool
    • 2.2. Entering the Traffic Data
    • 2.3. Entering Data for the Base Case and Project Case
      • 2.3.1. Base Case
      • 2.3.2. Project Case
      • 2.3.3. Project Maintenance
    • 2.4. Intersection Treatments
      • 2.4.1. Crash Rates and Crash Costs
      • 2.4.2. Treatment Types
      • 2.4.3. Crash Modification Factor (CMF) per Treatment Type
    • 2.5. Run Calculations and View Outputs
    • 2.6. The Spreadsheets within the Workbook
  • 3. Differences Between the Results of SIE Tool and Intersection Analysis Software
  • 4. Updating of the SIE Tool