Cover of Guide to Bridge Technology Part 7:  Maintenance and Management of Existing Bridges
Guide to Bridge Technology Part 7: Maintenance and Management of Existing Bridges
  • Publication no: AGBT07-18
  • ISBN: 978-1-925451-92-4
  • Published: 19 February 2018
  • Edition: 2

Guide to Bridge Technology Part 7 discusses the structural management of existing bridges in practical technical terms. It documents practices relevant to forward works programming, inspection, recording, reporting, evaluation of bridge condition and fitness for purpose. Bridge testing and structural monitoring, such as available monitoring technologies and instrumentation, are discussed. Technical rehabilitation and strengthening treatments are also included.

Edition 2.0 provides updated information in various sections, and information contained in other Guides has been removed. Major changes include:

  • Information on the operational aspects of bridge management practices, e.g. routine bridge inspection and maintenance activities has been removed. Refer to Austroads Guide to Asset Management for further reading on network level bridge management.
  • Information has been removed which overlapped with other Parts of the Guide to Bridge Technology, such as material deterioration issues discussed in Part 2: Materials, and design issues discussed in Part 3: Typical Superstructures, Substructures and Components.
  • Information on the inspection, maintenance and replacement issues of bridge bearings and bridge expansion joints has been updated, based on the findings of Design Rules for Bridge Bearings and Expansion Joints .

New and updated sections include:

  • Section 3.2.1 Types of Inspection
  • Section 3.2.1 Inspection Frequency/Programming of Inspections
  • Section 3.2.4 Inspector Training and Certification
  • Section 3.2.4 Quality Assurance/Control
  • Section 3.4.2 Monitoring Technologies
  • Section 3.4.3 Additional Considerations for Monitoring
  • Section 3.4.4 Instrumentation Plans
  • Section 4 Bridge Assessment and Load Rating
  • Glossary.