Cover of Guide to Bridge Technology Part 6: Bridge Construction
Guide to Bridge Technology Part 6: Bridge Construction
  • Publication no: AGBT06-18
  • ISBN: 978-1-925671-01-8
  • Published: 19 February 2018
  • Edition: 2

To ensure that bridges are properly constructed in accordance with the design drawings and specifications, engineers need to be well-informed on all aspects of their design and construction, including awareness of the problems that may arise and the levels of the various risks associated with their realisation.  They need to know the important quality, safety, environmental and other issues relating to each activity before the activity is undertaken.\n\n

Guide to Bridge Technology Part 6 provides guidance to the bridge owner's representative on site and focuses on bridge technology, high-risk construction processes, e.g. piling, pre-stressing, and the relevant technical surveillance requirements during the construction phase. Bridge geometry, the management of existing road traffic and temporary works are also discussed. This Part also discusses activities related to the processes of bridge demolition and removal, as well as after bridge completion and handover.

Edition 2.0 provides updated details and information, and removes overlapping information. Major changes include:

  • Section 2: Management Context | In Section 2.4 added a note for collecting and managing construction documentation.
  • Section 11: Bank and Abutment Protection | In Section 11.3 added a requirement for using geofabric in association with gabion and rock mattresses and a requirement for adequate compaction of the embankment material in the vicinity of the structure, to prevent the loss of backfill material and scour.
  • Section 13: Concrete Construction | Added Section 13.5 Match-cast, which discusses this precast construction technique.
  • Section 14: Concrete Defects and Rectification | In Section 14.3.7 added a requirement for sealing cracks for bridges located in aggressive environments.
  • Section 16: Steel Construction | In Section 16.4.1 Fabrication of Steelwork added a commentary on the requirements of AS/NZS 5131 for fabrication and erection of steelwork. In Section 16.5.7 Electrodes added a requirement for the material test certificate for welding consumables. In Section 16.6.2 High-strength Bolting added requirements on tightening of bolts, bolt traceability and torque control methods.
  • Section 17: Timber Construction | In Section 17.7.1 added a note on the green timber effect if moving timber between different climate zones. In Section 17.14 added alternative materials for replacement of deck components. In Section 17.16.4 added a note on the effects of excessive shrinkage and creep on laminates. In Section 17.17 added a note on the use of timber piles in the past.
  • Section 19: Bearings, Deck Joints and Deck Drainage | In Section 19.3.6 added a requirement on the correct installation of the template for the strip seal joints.
  • Section 21: Ancillary Components | In Section 21.2 Support Structures added requirements for installation of base plates and splice joints.