Cover of Guide to Bridge Technology Part 3:  Typical Superstructures, Substructures and Components
Guide to Bridge Technology Part 3: Typical Superstructures, Substructures and Components
  • Publication no: AGBT03-18
  • ISBN: 978-1-925451-93-1
  • Published: 19 February 2018
  • Edition: 2

Guide to Bridge Technology Part 3 discusses the need for the bridge designer to address the specific requirements such as the transporting of goods and services, development of flood free routes, navigational clearances, longer spans, and construction methods to reduce costs and reduce construction times. Topics covered include the various types of bridges by their building material, ranging from timber to prestressed concrete construction, and a range of cable type bridges, including pedestrian facilities. Included in discussion in this Part are superstructure and substructure components of various materials, namely timber, steel, wrought iron, reinforced and pre-stressed concrete. There is also discussion on foundations, bearings, decks and deck joints. Ancillary components including traffic barriers, noise barriers, protection screens and pedestrian rails are also covered.

Edition 2.0 provides updated details and information on various sections, and removing overlapping information. Major changes include:

  • Section 2 General Bridge Types and Components | New section.
  • Section 3 Timber Bridges | Added Section 3.2.3 to discuss connections and fasteners used in timber bridges and Section 3.6 for assessment of existing timber bridges.
  • Section 4 Steel Bridges | Incorporated Wrought Iron Bridges (Section 5 in 2009 edition).
  • Section 5 Reinforced Concrete Bridges | Minor revision.
  • Section 6 Prestressed Concrete Bridges | Added Section 6.1, Section 6.2, and Section 6.4 to provide background information about prestressing. Restructured and provided additional details in Section 6.10 to cover various forms of prestressed concrete box girders based on construction methods.
  • Section 7 Cable-stayed Bridges | Added Section 7.3 to provide an overview of common cable-stayed bridge components and Section 7.4 to provide further information about the structural types of cable‑stayed bridges.
  • Section 8 Suspension Bridges | Added Section 8.2 to Section 8.4 to align with Section 7.
  • Section 9 Arch Bridges | Added Section 9.4 to provide information on the assessment of arch bridges.
  • Section 10 Pedestrian Bridges | Added an introduction. Added Section 10.3 to provide a discussion on pedestrian bridge types and components. Changed Section 10.3 to Section 10.4 and included design requirements. Added Section 10.5 for fibre reinforced polymer pedestrian bridges.
  • Section 11 to Section 14, reordered: 11 changed to 12, 12 to 13, 13 to 14, and 14 to 11. Changes are noted below.
  • Section 11 Bridge Decks | Divided Section 11.1 into subsections to cover plank decks, laminated timber decks and stressed laminated decks. Added Section 11.5.2 to cover steel orthotropic decks.
  • Section 12 Major Bridge Substructure Elements | Added Section 12.1.3 for design considerations for abutments and retaining walls, Section 12.2.2 for typical cross-sections of piers, Section 12.2.3 for pier protections and Section 12.4 for mechanically stabilised earth walls.
  • Section 13 Bridge Foundations | Added Section 13.1 for an introduction of bridge foundations, Section 13.3 for design considerations and Section 13.4 for scour assessments.
  • Section 14 Bridge Bearings | Added Section 14.2.7 for bearings for horizontally curved bridges, Section 14.4.3 for disc bearings and Section 14.4.4 for cylindrical and disc bearings.
  • Section 15 Bridge Deck Joints | Revised the structure and content, including moving information on joint maintenance and failures to Part 7. Added guidelines on design, manufacture, testing and installation. Added a section on the selection criteria for expansion joints. Added design considerations and notes on noise restriction when using modular expansion joints in the vicinity of residential areas.
  • Section 16 Ancillary Bridge Components | Added Sections 16.5 to 16.7 for utilities, drainage and road signs on bridges.
  • Glossary | New section.