Cover of Hendon Park Footbridge and the Waterview Shared Path Bridges Connecting Communities
Hendon Park Footbridge and the Waterview Shared Path Bridges Connecting Communities
  • Publication no: ABC2017-160-17
  • Published: 26 April 2017

The Waterview Connection completes Auckland’s Western Ring Route and is NZ Transport Agency’s largest ever motorway project which also includes a raft of community facilities to re-invigorate the area including a new cycleway network. The shared path bridges connect neighbourhoods around the new motorway linking up a cycle route from south Auckland to the CBD. Four bridges carry the cycleway through parkland, over Oakley Creek, across rail and road to enable walking and cycling as an alternative mode to the motorway.

The Hendon Park Footbridge is an architectural landmark that will be a recognisable feature of the area for future generations. The southern approaches cross a wetland and the re-aligned Oakley Creek, offering views into the re-invigorated environment. Beca’s design of the 100m steel arch structure supporting a reinforced concrete deck appears simple in form but was complex to construct. The diagonally-aligned deck helps to stabilise the slender arch in wind and seismic events. Nine approach spans are supported on diamond-shaped piers integral with a post-tensioned concrete deck that is continuous with the main span. The whole crossing is designed holistically combining architecture, structure, lighting and urban design integrally with the reformed landscape.

Innovative construction techniques were used to fabricate and erect the arch. The deck was cast insitu to allow alignment of outrigger girders with hangers. Tight tolerances were required for hanger rod connectors so fabrication and installation of the steelwork was closely controlled. A stage-by-stage hanger stressing sequence was devised to control internal forces and arch deflections. Construction quality was followed through to the finer details of this landmark bridge to deliver a world class asset that will be handed back to the community on completion of the Waterview project in early 2017. The shared path links local communities as a legacy from the major project connecting Auckland’s motorway network.

*Best Paper Runner Up : Austroads Bridge Conference 2017