Cover of Network Wide Assessment of Bridge Barrier Safety
Network Wide Assessment of Bridge Barrier Safety
  • Publication no: ABC2017-013-17
  • Published: 20 April 2017

The need for higher performance bridge barriers has been reflected in changes in barrierdesign over the last 100 years. These changes have lead to improvements in safety. There existshowever many aging bridges with barriers that do not meet current standards. In order to manage the riskof these substandard barriers Asset Owners require tools to rate the risk and to prioritise the upgrade ofbarriers.

Pitt&Sherry; has developed a method for rating the risk of barriers across a network in a manner thatallows asset owners to allocate their limited funding where it is most needed. This method has beensuccessfully applied by Pitt&Sherry; to the prioritisation of bridge barrier upgrade for a number of Councilsas well as a State Road Authority.