Cover of ANZAC Bridge Maintenance Project
ANZAC Bridge Maintenance Project
  • Publication no: ABC-WPD004-11
  • Published: 31 October 2011

With the recent revisions to the Australian Bridge Code and other codes of practice around the world, the Roads and Traffic Authority of New South Wales (RTA) propose to refurbish and improve the performance of the stay cable system and other infrastructure on the ANZAC Bridge. This will extend the life of this key link in Sydney’s transport network. This maintenance project is being delivered via an alliance framework by Bridge Solutions Alliance (BSA). The project involves four main areas namely: Stay Cable Improvements; Access Improvements; Fencing and Temporary Works. In the development of the design solutions, the designers assessed a number of inter-related criteria including safety, cost, maintenance, urban design, community and stakeholder input, traffic and constructability. The latest technology in stay cable design and maintenance from around the world was investigated, a comprehensive load rating to current design standards was undertaken and in-situ testing was completed to determine the scope of works for the project. The development of the permanent and temporary access solutions ran in parallel with the stay cable improvement works which involved collaboration across the project team and stakeholders. The project is being delivered in two phases. Phase 1 involved investigation and design development within a very tight six month delivery programme. Phase 2 involves the implementation of the maintenance works. This paper focuses on the design activities undertaken in Phase 1 and outlines the work that was necessary to develop the scope of works for Phase 2.