Cover of 2010-11 Queensland Floods and Cyclone Events- Learning for Structures
2010-11 Queensland Floods and Cyclone Events- Learning for Structures
  • Publication no: ABC-WPD001-11
  • Published: 31 October 2011

The summer of 2010 / 2011 represents an extreme event. The majority of Queensland was declared a natural disaster zone as a result of the damage caused by non-typical flooding and cyclones throughout the State. It is estimated $4.5 billion dollars worth of damage was done to the State declared road network. This paper identifies a range of issues that were encountered as a result of these natural disasters, including the demolition of select timber bridges, settlement of piers, and scour at abutments and partial damage to bridges. The paper also examines the actual loads bridges were subjected to and compares this to current AS 5100 design loads. Some load cases not addressed in AS 5100 have been identified. Inspection procedures, including a navy hydrographical survey, that were undertaken prior to reopening the bridges to traffic are also considered in this paper. The conclusion of the paper discusses the procedures that were put in place to rectify the issues identified by post analysis and inspections of the State declared road network. It is recommended such learnings be considered and applied to new works and remedial works in conjunction with suggested possible amendments to AS 5100 Bridge Code.