Cover of The New Zealand Transport Agency Guide to Bridge Painting
The New Zealand Transport Agency Guide to Bridge Painting
  • Publication no: ABC-SAS204-14
  • Published: 22 October 2014
The New Zealand Transport Agency (Transport Agency) has recently published ‘Protective Coatings for Steel Bridges: A Guide for Bridge and Maintenance Engineers’. This was prepared by the authors to optimise the long-term capital and maintenance costs of Transport Agency’s steel structures through the implementation of best practice in the selection, application and maintenance of protective coatings.The Guide provides an overview of the essential processes and considerations with references to other key standards and documents. It was commissioned to inform specifiers and assist the wider industry in achieving best practice both when coating new structures and repainting existing bridges, to ensure the potential long life of modern coating systems can be realised.This paper summarises some of the main sections in the Guide including coating selection for new and existing bridges, life-cycle costing using net present value, and methods of extending the interval between maintenance repainting.