Cover of Three Dimensional Model of Box Girder Bridge
Three Dimensional Model of Box Girder Bridge
  • Publication no: ABC-DES041-11
  • Published: 31 October 2011

Different structural models can be used for the analysis of box girder bridges. The choice of structural model is an important aspect in consulting engineering where accuracy in analysis and time for design are prime factors. This paper explains a three dimension model for a segmental box bridge using cruciform space frame theory proposed by Hambly E. C. The paper provides details of torsion value and for different modeling approaches. Comparison is provided between 3D cruciform frame model and the FE model. This paper explains some of the theory of the cruciform method and its application to generate a space frame model for a segmental box bridge. Aim of this paper is to share knowledge of 3D Cruciform Model, which is considered efficient way to generate a structural model that realistically models the behavior of the complex box girder bridges.